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Tropical Herpetology

Summer 2021 (based on interest)


Instructor: Dr. Thomas C. LaDuke

East Stroudsburg University, Professor of Biology


Program Description:

This course covers the biology of the lowland herpetofauna of eastern Costa Rica with a focus on diversity, ecology and behavior. Some basic introductory notes on the biology of each of the groups of amphibians and reptiles will be provided along with more specific notes on the species present at the Camaquiri property ( ).


Students will be asked to learn to identify amphibians and reptiles using basic keys to the species and will devise and conduct a field study of their own. They will be asked to present the results of their study at the end of the course. There will be practical exams and written exams.


Costs for the course will include meals, lodging and transportation within Costa Rica. Costs do not include airfare to Costa Rica or course credits, which should be arranged with the student's home university.


For more information or to contact us about this class, please fill out the class inquiry form.

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