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Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge Bird Count

October 2023

For the fourth year, CCI hosted a three day event for the annual bird count. Search for Camaquiri Conservation Initiative on eBird hot spots to see species observed and check lists. Thank you to all of the counters and attendees for making the event a huge success.

Local Elementary School Visits CCI 

March 2020

A local elementary school visited CCI and spent the afternoon with U.S. University students. The group of students young and old took a hike through the CCI forest, discussing the animals and plants that they saw and then participated in group educational activities in the Comedor.

First University Classes Visit CCI

January - March 2020

Three U.S. University ​classes visited CCI during their spring break as part of there classwork.


Group educational activity


University class and local elementary school hike CCI trail together

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