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Birding and Wildlife Summary


The Birds

  • 278 bird species observed on property

  • 6 species of parrots, 2 motmots and 3 toucan species

  • Great Curassow, Blue-throated Goldentail, Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer, Purple-throated Fruit Crow and Snowy Cotinga are among notable bird species

  • Agami and Boat-billed Herons seen several times

  • The Great Green Macaw is our flagship species and is often seen flying over the property


Other Wildlife

  • 22 mammals species – Brown-mantled Howler, White-faced Capuchin, Black-handed Spider Monkey, Tamandua, peccaries, Red Brocket Deer, and Grison 

  • 23 amphibian species – including 3 poison dart frogs

  • 28 reptile species – caimans, iguanas, basilisks and 8 species of snakes


Vertebrate & Lepidopteran Checklist (see CCI Species Checklist)

  • see complete checklist of vertebrates & preliminary butterfly list

  • species highlighted in gray have been seen at Camaquiri

  • species not highlighted seen in vicinity and are to be expected

  • always exciting to add new species to the list!


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