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Meet Our Team

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Israel Mesen

Growing up in a small town surrounded by tropical rain forest, Israel became interested in biodiversity and conservation at an early age. Since 2003 he has assisted students and professors conducting research in Costa Rica and worked at multiple biological field stations. Israel received his General Tourism Guide in 2010 and is the founder of Tayra Travel.

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Diane Husic

Diane bio

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Thomas C. LaDuke is a professor of biological sciences at East Stroudsburg University where he has teaches Herpetology, Tropical Ecosystems, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Field Zoology.  Dr. LaDuke has taught field courses in Costa Rica most years since 1995. He has also been a co-founder of two non-profit organizations devoted to conservation, one for amphibians and reptiles in Pennsylvania and other northeastern states and one for conservation of chimpanzees in West Africa.

Thomas LaDuke

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Terry Master

Terry Master is a professor of biology at East Stroudsburg University where he teaches courses in ornithology, behavioral ecology and predator-prey relationships.  Dr. Master has taught classes on tropical ornithology and ecology in Costa Rica annually since 1996 and has published articles on a variety of Costa Rican bird species. Terry maintains an avid interest in the conservation of tropical forests.

Jennifer Lansing

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Jen Lansing, Ph.D. is an Ecologist specializing in habitat restoration. 

​"I am very excited to be part of this initiative. The best way to motivate people to protect the environment is for them to have a personal experience with nature and be moved by it. This is a place where awe of nature occurs on a daily basis. "

Gavin Brink

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Gavin's bio


Camaquiri Staff Bio

Camaquiri Staff

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