We are excited to work with our local community as well as other community groups in Costa Rica.


Our goals:

  • Serve as an additional resource to current programs providing educational and scientific support.

  • Encourage local residents to become involved in station activities.

  • Conduct shared educational experiences with visiting groups and community groups.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

  • Our neighbors have been incredibly supportive and helpful since we moved into the neighborhood. Thank you!

  • At the start of the pandemic we started a garden at CCI for our caretakers, future visitors, and to share with neighbors during the pandemic.

  • Thanks to generous donations, we have also been able to provide other grocery and staple items to the community during the pandemic.


 Community Dinner - December 2019 
 CCI Garden - Starting the Raised Gardening Beds 
 Pineapples in CCI Garden 
 Fresh Produce and Staple Items to Share 
Israel Harvesting Corn at CCI