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Our goals:

  • Serve as an additional resource to current programs providing educational and scientific support.

  • Encourage local residents to become involved in station activities.

  • Conduct shared educational experiences with visiting groups and community groups.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

  • Our neighbors have been incredibly supportive and helpful since we moved into the neighborhood. Thank you!

  • We helped each other get through the pandemic. At CCI we started a garden for our caretakers, future visitors, and to share with neighbors during the pandemic. Thank you to our supporters for your generous donations which helped purchase staple food items to share with the community.

  • We all worked together to recover from the flood of July 2021.​

A few highlights:

  • From 2019 - 2023, CCI has participated and hosted visitors as part of the Annual Barra del Colorado Annual Bird Count.

  • In late December 2019, CCI hosted a community dinner for the neighbors, the entire CCI team, and their families to celebrate the opening of CCI.


 Community Dinner
December 2019
College students spend the afternoon with local elementary students
March 2020
Soccer Day_Feb 28 2021.jpg
  • In March 2020, a local elementary school visited CCI and spent the afternoon with U.S. University students. The group took a hike together, discussing the animals and plants that they saw, and then participated in group educational activities in the Comedo

  • In February 2021, in cooperation with the local municipality, CCI hosted a community Soccer Day, where a national football champion (Jorge (la flecha) Barboza) attended!

Community Football Day
February 2021
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